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ProstaGenix’s Beat 157 Products From 16 Countries

ProstaGenix® doesn’t just claim to be the most potent prostate supplement in the world – we have the independent laboratory results and first place ranking to prove it. While most products talk a big game and deliver a product that is basically “worthless powder,” ProstaGenix delivers incredible results because we have spent years perfecting and securing a one-of-a-kind formula that no other company can duplicate.

With our worldwide exclusive rights to BetaRexin, the strongest blend of beta-sitosterol in the world, ProstaGenix delivers results no other company can… no matter how hard they try. Our super compound has been proven in multiple human clinical trials, and we recently beat over 157 different products from 16 countries in independent laboratory tests.

ProstaGenix Lab Report

In a major analysis of prostate supplements ProstaGenix was named the number one prostate supplement in the world because our laboratory score beat all other products tested. This includes the most popular brands in America and in 16 other countries as well. You will see our total sterol score was over 1,000 mg and the most important score – the beta-sitosterol score was 824 mg. This is because we have the exclusive rights to BetaRexin, the powerful, potent and extremely effective source of beta-sitosterol imported from the famous Landes Forest in France. No other company can compete …no matter how hard they try!

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